Time Schedule Venue
Tuesday, May 29, 2018
3:30-4:30pm Registration Memorial Hall
4:30-4:50pm Musical Performance by Ahmet Kanneci Sanders Hall
5:00-5:30pm Opening Remarks Sanders Hall
5:00-5:10pm Gökhan Hotamışlıgil Opening Remarks and “Thank Yous” Sanders Theatre
5:10-5:15pm Provost, Alan Garber will give welcoming remarks and the introduction of Dean Michelle Williams Sanders Theatre
5:15-5:20pm Dean Michelle Williams Remarks and Introduction of Ali Ülker Sanders Theatre
5:20-5:30pm Ali Ülker and Gökhan Hotamışlıgil: Remarks and Introduction of the Rising Stars Session Sanders Theatre
5:30-6:30pm Rising Stars Session Sanders Hall
5:30-5:45pm Elçin Ünal | Illuminating cellular aging pathways through meiotic differentiation
University of California, Berkeley
Sanders Theatre
5:45-6:00pm Ali Güler | Central nervous system and metabolism
University of Virginia
Sanders Theatre
6:00-6:15pm Yasemin Sancak | Calcium homeostasis in the mitochondria
Washington University
Sanders Theatre
6:15-6:30pm Ömer Yılmaz | Dietary and metabolic regulation of stem cell
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sanders Theatre
6:30-6:37pm Gökhan Hotamışlıgil: Introduction of Keynote Speakers Sanders Theatre
6:37-7:27pm Keynote Speakers:
Nobel Laureates, Joseph Goldstein & Michael Brown Cholesterol Homeostasis: From Physiology to Molecular Biology
University of Texas, Southwestern
Sanders Theatre
7:27-7:37pm Sabri Ülker Science Award Presentation Sanders Theatre
7:37-7:42pm Gökhan Hotamışlıgil will introduce Mark Elliott to deliver the closing remarks Sanders Theatre
7:42-9:30pm Closing Reception Memorial Hall
Wednesday, May 30, 2018
8:00-9:00am Guests Arrive Memorial Hall
SESSION 1 | Chair: Elçin Ünal Sanders Theatre
9:00-9:35am Linda Partridge | Metabolism and Ageing
University College London
Sanders Theatre
9:35-10:10am Bruce Spiegelman | Controlling energy expenditure for metabolic health
Harvard Medical School
Sanders Theatre
10:10-10:45am Ronald M. Evans | Nuclear hormone receptors and metabolic homeostasis
Salk Institute
Sanders Theatre
10:45-11:15am Break for Coffee & Tea Annenberg Hall
SESSION 2 | Chair: Ali Güler Sanders Theatre
11:15-11:50am Leslie Vosshall | Genetic control of innate behavior
The Rockefeller University
Sanders Theatre
11:50-12:25pm Michael Czech | Integration of metabolism with immune and neuronal responses
University of Massachusetts Medical School
Sanders Theatre
12:30-13:45pm Lunch Annenberg Hall
SESSION 3 | Chair: Yasemin Sancak Sanders Theatre
13:45-2:10pm Jean Schaffer | Molecular mechanisms of lipotoxicity
Washington University
Sanders Theatre
2:10-2:55pm Gerald Shulman | Lipids and mitochondria in health and disease
Yale University
Sanders Theatre
2:55-3:30pm Shizuo Akira | Towards understanding the mechanisms of fibrosis
Osaka University
Sanders Theatre
3:30-4:00pm Break for Coffee & Tea Annenberg Hall
SESSION 4 | Chair: Ömer Yılmaz Sanders Theatre
4:00-4:35pm Brenda Schulman | Protein homeostasis and metabolism
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Sanders Theatre
4:35-5:05pm Vamsi Mootha | Mitochondrial function in health and disease
Massachusetts General Hospital
Sanders Theatre
5:05-5:45pm Peter Walter | The Unfolded Protein Response in Health and Disease
University of California, San Francisco
Sanders Theatre